08 July 2011


That is right. This post is about penises. Mary, Alicia, and I were walking home together after work today, and we were theorizing why Chinese men have smaller penises.

Mary thinks that maybe it was due to the mass migration. If you consider the theory that we all came from Africa, then the only route logical for a mass migration to China would be through the Himalayas. The climate and food supply cause them to evolve with smaller ... everything?
Alicia and I thought that it would be because they shrink in the cold.

I pitched forward the idea that perhaps due to diet or climatic changes, the women were smaller. And therefore the men had to evolve to match that. If a woman wants to bear children, they would select the man accordingly. And before you make a comment about size = pleasure; yes, there is such a thing as too big.

Kel agrees with Alicia, in that the men shrunk. They shrunk for the same reason Asians have smaller eyes. Their thicker eye lids allow more blood vessels to protect the eyes and peep through the cold. Presumably, a smaller penis means there is less surface area, therefore less cooling and body temperature drop.
Scott believes that all races are equal, and that height need to be taken into consideration for a ratio.

Statistics do consider height in the studies. And we can all go do our research into this.
But the fun of it is theorizing on our own from rumours, limited knowledge, and experience!

Not a serious theory!


  1. I didn't really think this conversation was going somewhere... but there is no stoping it now.