31 March 2012

Bacterial Contamination

"Bacterial Contamination" is a recent favourite Vocaloid video of mine, strictly for visual aspects. Typically when I listen to the electronic voices of the Vocaloid songs, I tend to ignore the lyrics. My Japanese is not very good to begin with, so it becomes much more difficult for me when it's not naturally spoken. Aside from that, it's insanely annoying.

Usually I wait for a Utaite to produce a cover before I even consider watching a video. This was evidently an exception.
From visuals alone, it was easy to understand this piece was about the pain of being bullied. I had my volume turned to a minimum, but even so, all I could hear was "itai, itai, itai, itai..."
Itai = it hurts.
So the word "itai" and the visuals combined struck me pretty hard.

The modelling, lighting, and animation techniques are absolutely beautiful. Unlike many of the existing 3D PVs for Vocaloid, this one felt whole. Despite the nasally electronic voice drilling into my head, I watched this video over, and over, and over again. In fact, until a few minutes ago, I didn't even bother looking for the romanji subs to see what the lyrics actually are.

Music by Mathru and movie by Deino, there were so far two versions produced. I begin by presenting the second version, because visually, I like it far better than the first. However, I prefer the lower voice in the first version, which doesn't give it much credit since it's equally irritating.

In the second version of Bacterial Contamination, the most noticeable visual edit is the usage of blueish hues. I found this made the subject fit into her background naturally, and it was easy to absorb the entire image as a whole rather than separate pieces. Also, because of the cool colours, it felt more lonely. The entire 3 minutes and 54 seconds felt like she was exhaling away everything she had.
I felt it said, "It's so lonely, that it hurts."
"I think I'll just go disappear now."
"All I do will come to nothing."
Version 2
Saikin Osen - Bacterial Contamination

In contrast, the first video gave the vibe that she was taking everything in to herself, burning with anger.
It screams, "I will take it out on someone else."
An atmosphere like that is visually far easier to achieve. The level of emotions itself is much more shallow, and I'm certain the majority of the intelligent percentage would understand that; conceptually if not by experience.
I suppose the cheap blood splatter effects don't help too much, in terms of this video. There is a stark and unflattering contrast between Ca Caine and her environment. Altogether, the video appears compositionally amateur.
Version 1
Saikin Osen - Bacterial Contamination

Environmental and character designs are wonderfully gorgeous in every way. It's simple where it counts, and complex in areas without being obnoxious about it. Although I typically disapprove of plastic-looking 3D animations, I find it suits this particular piece perfectly.
I also like Deino's previous design in Machine Muzik. Although I usually prefer the future-themed designs, I enjoy Bacterial Contamination's version of Ca Caine more.
I cannot emphasize how beautiful this video is; version 2, specifically. Now, time to go watch it again!

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